Instructions for helpers

Please bring milk (about 3 pints/2litres should be sufficient) and biscuits if supplies are low. You may take the money for these from the tin which is in the box. There should be enough tea, coffee and sugar in the box but you could check the week before. (Jean Clarke will normally set out the cups and jugs for the cold drinks).


Ideally, arrive about 10 minutes before the start of the rehearsal to set things up. The big plastic box with our supplies is in our cupboard in the rehearsal room- usually it will have been put on one of the tables in the lounge area.

Setting up: you may need to clear the kitchen counter - put the Church's biscuits and goodies at the back of the kitchen area so they don't get confused with our refreshments. Mugs and milk jugs are in the cupboards above the sink. Additional mugs can be found in the other kitchen (next to our rehearsal room) in the wall cupboard on the bottom left-hand side on the right of the serving hatch. Trays to carry them are below the cupboard under the counter area.


To avoid congestion during the rehearsal interval, put one of the small tables half-way down the lounge area for the milk, sugar, teaspoons (which you will find in a mug on the counter) and the money foil tray. Make sure you put an adequate float in this from the money tin. You can put out biscuits on the plastic plates which you should find in the box and place them on the tables in the lounge area. If you have time, you could put a spoonful of instant coffee in some of the mugs in advance.


Rehearsal interval: leave the rehearsal to start preparing the tea and coffee 5-10 minutes before the interval. The water from the boiler is at boiling point and tea can be made directly in the big tea-pot which will be nearby. You will need about 6- 7 tea-bags (people do, however, have different preferences regarding strength!). You may need to make a fresh pot or top it up if the tea is strong enough. Use a metal jug for pouring boiling water into the coffee mugs. (this may be in the other kitchen, in the bottom right-hand cupboard near the door).


The price for tea/coffee and a biscuit is 50p.


There is a dish-washing machine. Please gather up all the mugs and stack them in the dishwasher. Dishwasher tablets are under the sink. Turn on the machine (ask advice if you are unsure about this. A 30-minute cycle should be sufficient.)


Washing-up: liquid and tea-towels are provided by the Church if any hand washing is required. Please put any hand-washed items back in the cupboards. Any rubbish should go into the bins as indicated.


Putting away: put back the tea, coffee, sugar and any remaining biscuits into the plastic box which should be put into the cupboard after the rehearsal (there is a tin for biscuits. Put money taken back into the money tin. (Joan Carder will take any notes and take the money away to count it as necessary).

If there are any problems please ask Joan.


Many thanks for helping!