Refreshments Rota Autumn 2017


If you cannot do refreshments on the day indicated, please arrange your own swap and write in the other person's name in the end column. Please arrange amongst yourselves to bring milk ( approx. 3-4 pints ) and biscuits if stocks are low. Many thanks for your help!


PS: If you have recently joined the Choir, and as yet do not know the people you are doing refreshments with, please ask your part rep. to help with identifying them.



Helper 1

Helper 2

Helper 3

Name of swap

Sept. 4th

Joan Carder

Jane Cooper

Lesley Searle

Sept. 11th- Open Evening (wine served separately)

Alison Clewlow

Marian Custance

Elaine Norman

Sept. 18th

Stephanie Field

Ai Minematsu- Bootle

Kate Fleming

Sept. 25th

Vicky Smeaton

Barry Smeaton

Tom Marshall

Oct. 2nd

Kathy Wiltshire

Joyce Read

Eve Dumitriu

Oct. 9th

Christopher Pack

Clare Myers

Johnny Myers

Oct. 16th

Eva Radkowska

Helen Petchey

Emily Morrell

Oct. 23rd

Laetitia Herrmann

Nicola Fuller

Emma Secher

Oct. 30th

Janet Cassford

Karen Gibbon

Lib Skinner

Nov. 6th

Chris Sobey

Ros Bedlow

Elaine Coughlan

Nov. 13th

Kairen Zonena

Hannah Blanchford

Louise Booker

# Nov. 20th

Maggi Collings

Lynda Holmes

Clara Fiedler

# Fri. Nov. 24th

Joan Carder

Paula Reavey

# Sat. Nov. 25th- Concert rehearsal

Joan Carder

Mavis Wilson

Nov. 27th

Sally Robinson

Laimons Grinbergs

Richard Rosser

Dec. 4th

Lillian Mumme

Mimi Stone

Victoria Hesse

Dec. 11th

Mike Pitwood

Freddie Partridge

Martin Tilling

Dec. 18th

Gill Wrobel

Guada Morengo  

Bess Solomon

#Weds Dec. 20th

Joan Carder

Elizabeth Jarvis


#Thurs Dec. 21st Concert Rehearsal: Joan Carder Jo Rose


# Joan Carder will organise the taking of supplies to the Church for these rehearsals